Job Vacancy
Opening Date
Job Description
Clinical SupportType
Overseas Clinical Support
2023 / 12 / 19


1. Complete the measurement of lesions under the image and make product selection recommendation according to the patient's image data;

2. Conduct clinical support and assist the clinician to complete the surgery with the company's products;

3. Responsible for clinical product training;

4. Collect feedback on the use of the products in the clinic;

5. Assist R&D in evaluating the clinical effects of the products under development. 

6. Cooperate with the analysis of clinical complaints.


1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in biomedical related majors, clinical medicine/imaging is preferred;

2.At least 2 years of clinical support work experience in medical device industry or clinician work experience;

3. Experience in cardiology, cardiac surgery or interventional catheterization laboratory is preferred;

4.Enthusiasm for clinical support work, strong self-driven and pioneering;

5.Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and accept overseas business trips.

Clinical SupportType
Clinical Project Manager
2023 / 12 / 19


1. Responsible for managing domestic and international clinical research projects, ensuring that the projects are conducted in strict accordance with protocols, SOPs and relevant regulations;

2. Formulate the overall plan of clinical projects and control the progress, quality and budgets. Complete the overall initiation, execution and conclusion of the trial project according to the plan;

3. Communicate and coordinate with suppliers, experts, management dept., etc;

4. Establish and maintain good relationship with investigators and provide high quality academic support.


1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in clinical, medical, pharmacy and other related majors;

2. Familiar with GCP and clinical related regulations;

3. At least 4 years of clinical trial experience in pharmaceutical companies or CRO, and at least 1 year of project management experience;

4. English can be used as working language;

5. Good communication and coordination skills and management skills, proactive and good at problem solving.